From House Extensions to Garage Conversions in Rochester | Benefits for Property Sellers

While our building services provide numerous advantages for property owners looking to stay in a much-loved family home and neighbourhood, they also offer an array of benefits for those looking to move in the near future. Whether you hire us as refurbishment builders or your building contractors for house extensions, a new build or loft and garage conversions, we ensure that the finished results offer immediate, yet lasting, appeal to prospective buyers.


Below, we have outlined how some of our core building services benefit homeowners in Rochester looking to sell their property in the foreseeable future.


House Extensions


House extensions deliver clear benefits to those looking to stay in their existing property, but when it comes to extending a house ahead of a move, the advantages come with some caveats. First and foremost, the building contractors hired to construct the project need to produce outstanding workmanship to optimise any rise in resale value.


In addition to this, the location of the home and the type of room within the extension itself also have an influence on the size of any increased value. Homes in Rochester and the south east in general remain appealing to buyers, while a double bedroom with en suite facilities is the most desirable room for house extensions.


The builders at H & R Building happily sit down with our customers to ensure complete clarity for individual projects before starting the planning and design process.


Refurbishments and Renovations


While these two services cover different needs, our building contractors can combine features of both for a more comprehensive project. In our role as refurbishment builders, we primarily breathe new life into stale, dated homes in the Rochester area, be it through cleaning, decorating and replacing fittings. Renovations, on the other hand, focus on returning damaged or degraded buildings to a good state of repair, particularly in regard to structural issues.


Our renovation and refurbishment builders usually complete these projects to unique specifications, so it’s impossible to put a definitive figure on how much they increase resale value. No two homes are the same, and due to the different occupants within, no two homes suffer wear and tear in the same manner either.


However, a freshly refurbished, well-presented property without any structural issues represent a far more attractive proposition to a prospective buyer than one in a run-down condition.


Loft and Garage Conversions


Unlike house extensions, loft and garage conversions provide additional habitable spaces without eating into the land surrounding your existing home. Our building contractors utilise these often-neglected spaces, turning them into anything from a new bedroom to a home office.


For those looking for a swift turnaround, garage conversions represent the better solution. However, according to Nationwide Building Society, loft conversions have the potential to add as much as 20% to the value of a home. Naturally, the final figure comes with certain conditions, again related to the location of the home and the type of room within.

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